East Bay Shalom Fund


"Every Jewish community is responsible for its own, starting with family then ones local community."
                Code of Jewish law

Chabad of the East Bay opened the Shalom fund, after Chabad was approached more than just once or twice for immediate financial assistance, by families living right here in our community on the East Bay.

In order that the fund never turn down any one due to lack of funds, we ask the you make a donation to the - East Bay Shalom Fund

Online donation - click here. Please mention the Shalom Fund in your donation.

By mail - to 311 Maple Avenue, Barrington RI 02806. Checks should be made out to the - East Bay Shalom Fund 

If you know of a family or individual in our community in need of assistance, please contact Rabbi Moshe Laufer rabbi@jewishbarrington.com or call or office at 401-247-4747

All information shared, remains completely confidential.